Research Database of the Week: Gale Virtual Reference Library

Research Database of the Week: Gale Virtual Reference Library 

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a one-stop shop for all your reference needs! Let’s look at a few examples.

GVRL is perfect for high school students! For example, if a student is working on a research paper about William Shakespeare. They are only allowed one internet source and need book sources. This is a perfect use of GVRL! The database available via the Internet, but the sources are books. Real, full-text reference books!

A basic GVRL search for “William Shakespeare” returns 499 results! With a more narrowed, subject search, there are 15 results. This includes biographies and essays about The Bard. Printing pages from the eBook are simple. The student can click on the “View eBook” link at the top of the William Shakespeare entry. This changes the screen to look like the entry from the physical book which is printable.

There is even a “Listen” button. Press the triangle “Play” button and listen to the entry read by a computerized voice. It’s a natural sounding voice – not robotic and with excellent pronunciation!

Citing sources is also easy! Click on “Citation Tools” on the right side of the screen and choose from MLA or APA styles. You can even save the citation to one of many online options like EasyBib, EndNote, or ProCite. 

The student doesn’t have to check out this eBook or any eBooks. They can access the Piqua Public Library’s full collection through our website They can also download the “Gale eBooks” Google Chrome app. After their first login with library credentials, they can authenticate and log in with Google account credentials. Once logged in with Google, they can save articles or article highlights to Google Drive for future use. The student is now ready to write their paper! 

The Gale Virtual Reference Library isn’t only for students. With resources and ebooks on a variety of topics, there’s a little something for everyone! The GVRL has many eBooks on health topics. You can click “medicine” on the home page of the database or search key terms. There is the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine, Encyclopedia of Drugs, Gale Encyclopedia of Cancer, Gale Encyclopedia of Senior Health, and more!

There are eBooks on business plans, e-commerce, and more. There are search limiters on the right side of the page as well. These allow one to narrow the search to relevant topics, sources, and document types. 

It is possible to translate articles into a variety of languages. You can even download the MP3 to listen to an article offline. 

The mobile responsive GVRL resource supports differentiated learning and diverse communities with:
• Search—you can search through all the content in the Piqua Public Library’s entire nonfiction collection at once and get articles related to your keywords from many sources.
• ReadSpeaker text-to-speech technology.
• Cover-to-cover PDF format, delivering a colorful, visual experience.
• Interface and article-level language translation—on screen and read aloud—delivers content in more than a dozen languages.
• Tools to highlight, annotate, cite, print, share, email, hear the text, and more.

Last, and not least, GVRL is integrated with G Suite for Education tools, so you can:

• Save individual articles to their Google Drive. No more emailing files to themselves or saving them to a local or portable drive.  The content remains accessible from whatever device you’re using now or in the future.
• After your first login through the Piqua Public Library website, you can authenticate with Google and log in using their existing Google credentials. (No need to create yet another username and password.)
• Download the “Gale eBooks” app in the Chrome store for even easier access.  

Not a Google user? That's okay, GVRL also integrates with Microsoft Office 365 tools, like OneNote and OneDrive. 

This database is a practical and relevant and accessible to you 24/7. All Piqua Public Library Research Databases can be accessed from our website at The databases are organized alphabetically and by category. The Gale Virtual Reference Library is listed as “Virtual Reference Library - Gale.”