We're Fine Free!

The Piqua Public Library is Officially Fine Free

It’s time to start a new chapter at the Library! Beginning April 1st, 2022, the Piqua Public Library will eliminate all overdue fines on all library materials and waive any previous penalties. This is not an April Fools Day joke. The Library understands that life happens and that it can be difficult to return items on time to the Library. Late fines can add up, and visiting the Library can feel like a burden, especially on your wallet. 

The Library is committed to providing equal access to every community member. Eliminating fines offers our customers a fresh start to re-discover the Library and all it offers. By eliminating fines, the Library removes barriers and makes access easy, equitable, and enjoyable for everyone. All existing Library fines have been waived to ensure that all patrons can start a new chapter at the now fine-free Library. Of more than 6,500 cardholders in our community, over 2,500 patron accounts had overdue fines removed from their accounts, including 1,000 cards for children. However, if an item does not come back, patrons will still be held financially responsible for it. In addition, fees will still be assessed for replacement library cards, printing, and lost or damaged materials. 

The Piqua Public Library is going fine free to celebrate National Library Week, the first week of April every year. Fines will not return after National Library Week ends. The Library is joining many other Miami Valley libraries and libraries across the country that have also gone fine-free. The Library is committed to sharing information and resources with all community members.

When visiting the Piqua Public Library, community members have access to the following resources:

  • 145,000+ Books  
  • 985 CDs  
  • 1,850+ Audiobooks  
  • 4,100+ DVDs, including 35 Binge Box Movie Collections 
  • 2,250+ Magazines  
  • 360+ Works of Art
  • 400+ Seeds in the Seed Library

The Piqua Public Library also offers community access to the following digital resources:

  • 155,000+ eBooks
  • 41,200+ Digital Audiobooks
  • 3,000+ Digital Videos
  • 3,200+ Digital Magazines
  • 40 Online Research Databases
  • 60+ Piqua Postcard Puzzles

Ebooks, digital audiobooks, videos, and magazines are available through The Ohio Digital Library’s Libby App. View the entire Ohio Digital Library catalog by clicking on the “Digital Downloads” tab on the library website. 

The Piqua Public Library has weekly and monthly programs for both children and adults. As always, these events are free.